day 027 – km 2703

Mai 2nd, 2011

kranevo – obzor


it is still windy and cold. the season at the bulgarian black sea coast is short and most hotels & restaurant are still closed.

P1010046 P1010048 P1010051 P1010053  P1010062

i scream for ice-cream….

day 026 – km 2612

Mai 2nd, 2011

trevel – kranevo (black sea)


interesting culture & architectur around the city dobric and finally rolling down to the black sea.

P1010035 P1010037 P1010038

day 025 – km 2522

Mai 2nd, 2011

tutakran – trevel


hard to find an open shop on a easter weekend. but nicolai who worked in london for 2 years invited me for lunch.

day 024 – km 2399

Mai 2nd, 2011

zimnic – tutrakam (bulgaria)


met Walter, Virginie & Elio from france ( nice to meet some other cyclists and exchange some thoughts, ideas and information.

P1010023 P1010028 P1010031

day 023 – km 2277

Mai 2nd, 2011

beket – zimnic


the day starts with the first flat tire on the bike. (so far the expensive touring tires, were not much better then an old used mountain bike tire!?) amazing friendly people along the flat roads. nice to chat with some of the poeple a little with a language mix out of english and spanish….

P1000990 P1000998 P1010002 P1010008 P1010011 P1010017

day 022 – km 2149

Mai 2nd, 2011

vidin – orjahovo – beket (romania)


first flat tire on the trailer wheel of this tour. (but 2000km for an old used mountain bike tire is not so bad)

P1000984 P1000989

day 021 – km 2018

Mai 2nd, 2011

tekija – negotin – vidin (bulgaria)


passing the huge powerplant dams “derdap I” and “derdap II”. leaving the river route for some bulgarian rolling hills.

P1000968 P1000970 P1000972 P1000976 P1000977

day 020 – km 1870

Mai 2nd, 2011

v. gradiste – tekija


amazing views along the river canyon called the “iron gate”

P1000933   P1000952 P1000956 P1000962  P1000967

day 019 – km 1743

Mai 2nd, 2011

beograd – stara palanka – ram – v. gradiste


finally a day without rain!? more scenic landscape and more nice people.

P1000911 P1000917 P1000924P1000921

day 018 – 1642

Mai 2nd, 2011

nestin – novi sad – beograd


nice people all along the danube! i failed finding a cheap hostel in beograd, so i camped along the danube outside of town.

P1000889 P1000899P1000906