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day 037 – intermission

Sonntag, Mai 8th, 2011

vienna – rest day

i will take a break from cycling to support the roma music school, a music camp for underprivileged sinti and roma kids in hungary.


from aalen (germany) to istanbul, after 3000km and 4 weeks this tour comes to a hold.

day 036 – nighttrain part II

Sonntag, Mai 8th, 2011

bucaresti – videle – arad – budapest – gyor – bruck a.d.l. – vienna

another 26 hours in trains or waiting on them.

P1010336 P1010342

day 035 – nighttrain part I

Sonntag, Mai 8th, 2011

istanbul – bucaresti

22 hours on the nighttrain after packing the bike in a huge bikebox.

P1010288  P1010303   P1010334

day 034 – km 3179

Sonntag, Mai 8th, 2011

istanbul – harem – üskündar – istanbul


i took the ferry boat over the bosphorus to ride around the east part of istanbul. on the way back i rode over the highway-bridge and stopped in the middle, because i thought it is a funny idea to stand with one foot in asia and the other in europe.  (to bad that i didn´t have a change to take a picture)

P1010277 P1010282  P1010285

day 033 – rest day

Montag, Mai 2nd, 2011

istanbul – rest day

a day for some serious sightseeing and extrem-blogging! 😉


inside the dervis coffee / teahouse


day 032 – km 3156

Montag, Mai 2nd, 2011

yassioeren – istanbul


the “city” starts about 25km before the center a nd then you enter this very special atmosphere. mosques, tea-houses, markets, steep cobble stone roads….

P1010166 P1010179  P1010193 P1010195 P1010199 P1010203 P1010213 P1010214 P1010216 P1010224P1010236 P1010229 P1010232   P1010244P1010242

day 031 – km 3107

Montag, Mai 2nd, 2011

vize – yassioeren


we had lunch at one of those many picnic-places along the road and met theo, another french cyclist.

 P1010123 P1010125 P1010129 P1010133 P1010139 P1010145  

a nice guy offering some chicken BBQ

P1010158 P1010160


got milk!? 😉

day 030 – km 3018

Montag, Mai 2nd, 2011

kirklareli – vize


“hi and welcome to turkey” is what we here often and most business is accompanied by some tea-drinking.

P1010084 P1010087 P1010090 P1010094 P1010095 P1010104 P1010106

day 029 – km 2945

Montag, Mai 2nd, 2011

tsarevo (carevo) – kirklareli (turkey)


nice climb on the old rough road through the forest to the border. the border crossing was kind of buerocratic with lots of passport controls and stamps. in turkey the road turns into a new highway and rolls “down” to kirklareli. just a couple km before the city i met emil & oscar from sweden ( who are on the way to bejing.

P1010066 P1010073 P1010076 P1010077 P1010080

day 028 – km 2849

Montag, Mai 2nd, 2011

obzor – tsarevo (carevo)


still overcast and cold winds with rain. not really what i hoped for, but the landscape and the poeple are even in this circumstances very interessting.

P1010065 P1010063